Miss Starling
With satin-like vocals and a fairy-like appearance Miss Starling creates her own little universe as a singer and songwriter in the electro-pop world. She has always been interested in various art disciplines, such as theater, dance, poetry, visual arts and of course music. Her melancholic, electro-indie songs are described as “very fresh” and “quirky”. Her stories may root deep in the dark, but her messages are warm and give hope. On her first released song ‘circles’, in collaboration with lofi-producer pucca, she already reached more than 300.000 streams on Spotify.  

Why does she call herself Miss Starling? She uses the bird as a metaphor for how she views people. From far away you see a small bird that seems boring and unicoloured, but when you get closer to the starling you suddenly see all its colours. “People are also like this,” says Miss Starling. You have to get closer to see each other’s colours. With her honest lyrics about what she feels and experiences, she hopes to touch everyones heart.